Magic Type DescriptionEdit

The Dragon and Sheep make up the Magic Type Class. Like in most RPGs, the Dragon and the Sheep don't have impressive amounts of HP, but they compensate for that with their ability to create powerful magic spells. Although both are in the Magic Type category, Sheep and Dragon spells differ. Sheep spells are more elemental-oriented after advancement; dragons have a choice of Light or Dark spells after changing jobs.

Magic StatsEdit

  • MP: Maximum Magic Points. Activated skills have an MP cost. Formula is level * 30 + 50. Passively increased by Bottle of Mana. MP regeneration is increased by Aura of Mana (party).
  • MA: Magic Attack. Determines damage for Magic spells. Formula is (level - 1) / 4 + 50? Increased by Mist of Mana. Decreased by Magic Meltdown.
  • MD: Magic Defense. Reduces damage from Magic spells. Formula is level * 4 - 14 (minimum 0). Increased by Mana Shield. Decreased by Magic Defense Breaker.

Job TreeEdit

Magic Job Tree

2nd Job Advancement requires Base level 60 and TM Level 50.


Job and TypeEdit

Librarian, Magic Type


A female character with a quiet personality and a sheep-like deep wave hair and fillets with bells.

Reason for coming to Cavalla IslandEdit

As a librarian, she has deep knowledge on just about everything in the world. One day, she finds a book that isn’t part of library collection. She realizes that the book is about ancient wizardry and learns the tricks of witchcraft. Shortly after, she learns of the news regarding Trickster and Caballa Island and sees it as an opportunity to raise money to build her own library, her life-long dream.


Job and Type Shaman, Magic Type


Cold-hearted male character with wing, tail, and a rake-shaped fin. He always uses his magic staff whenever he does his magic.

Reason for coming to Cavalla IslandEdit

A descendant of both Gypsy and Asian, he was adopted by his rich parents when he was young. He studied medicine because of his parents’ wishes, but soon becomes fascinated with astrology and alchemy. One day, he receives a sign that predicts his return to his gypsy roots and it comes true. After a while, he becomes their leader but is faced with lack of food and other resources. While searching for answers, he gets another sign that shows Caballa Island and he heads off to find wealth for his people.